New user resources

Alerts and notices

The information below will provide guidance for setting up the Practice CS database and using the basic time and billing features in the application.  This information is intended primarily for new users of Practice CS to set up and start using your new application efficiently and effectively.

If you are currently using another practice management application, you may want to convert your data to Practice CS as an alternative to setting up your database from scratch. Your decision largely depends on whether you want to continue using your current informational structure or take this opportunity to revise it. The following topics provide information about conversion options and the data that gets converted.

If you choose to set up the Practice CS database from scratch rather than convert your current practice management data, the following topics provide guidelines and best practices for structuring and entering setup information into your database.

This section includes topics about effectively managing your business with Practice CS.

This section includes topics that provide instructions for entering and applying receipts, assessing service charges, and printing statements.

This section includes topics to help you maintain the integrity of your database and create safe backups.