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Practice CS provides many reports for listing and analyzing the data in the application, giving you information that you need to maximize productivity and profitability.

To open the Print Reports screen, choose File > Print Reports (or press CTRL+P).

Available reports

Note: The reports that are available to you will depend on your security privileges and licensing. Information contained in the report may also depend on your security privileges. See help on individual reports for specific security dependencies.


Lists allow you to print a simple hardcopy list of any groupings you have set up in the application.

Note: The names of these groupings are firm terminology variables. Your firm might use a different term for some or all of these groupings. To view the default terms for these groupings, choose Help > Enable Default Terminology.


Production Analysis

Time and Expense Journal

Time and Expense Listing

Timesheet Exception

Work-in-Process Summary


Billed Tax Summary

Billing Analysis

Billing Worksheet

Invoice Journal

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Accounts Receivable Applications

Accounts Receivable Ledger

Accounts Receivable Recap

Accounts Receivable Summary

Collection Summary

Invoice Receipts Analysis

Receipt and Adjustment Journal

Service Charge Journal

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Client Investment Analysis

Period Reconciliation

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Project Management

Note: These reports are available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.

List of Project Templates

Project Budget to Actual

Project Listing

Project Tracking

Routing Sheet

Task Budget to Actual

Task Tracking

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Client Management

Note: These reports are available only if you are licensed for the Client Management module.

Clients Won

Clients / Prospects Lost

Interaction Listing

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Staff Management

Note: These reports are available only if you are licensed for the Staff Management module.

Calendar Listing

CPE Course Cost Analysis

CPE Course Credit Listing

Schedule Item Detail

Schedule Item Listing

Staff Assigned Summary

Staff Benefits Summary

Staff Capacity Analysis

Staff Schedule Summary

Staff Target Summary

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