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General frequently asked questions

How do I enter organizer appointment information for my client? 

Can I enter a single due date for all 1040 client organizers?

Does Client Organizer support 1040-NR returns?

Why doesn't my client's organizer show all dependents? 

Does the Filing Status Optimization utility retain organizer data when splitting tax returns?

Is it possible to suppress the 1040 organizer for multiple clients at a time?

Can I process a batch of organizers at once?

Organizer setup and configuration

How can I add the client's ID to the pages of their organizer?

Why doesn't the Organizer delivery method used field display the client's delivery method specified in the Client Communications dialog?

Why is my client's return opening to Client Organizer input screens?

Can I create client organizer documents in Spanish?

How do I enable the Add Forms button my clients' web organizers?

When adding new questions to the client organizer questionnaire, how do I add the corresponding Yes/No checkboxes?

Can I proforma my 1040 organizer engagement letter?

Can I remove the due date for the taxpayer to return their organizer?

Printing organizers

Why can't I print my client's organizer?

Why is my client's organizer printing at the end of the return?

Why do certain organizer screens print when there is no proforma'd data on them?

Can client organizers be printed or previewed without retrieving a PRP code?

Can client organizers be printed in landscape format?

Is there anything I should do to prepare my paper organizers for scanning into FileCabinet CS?

How can I prevent next year's client organizer from printing for clients who did not use them this year?

Can I change the fonts in my 1040 client organizers?

Is the organizer slipsheet barcode CASS and PAVE certified?

Can I remove the plus signs next to the amount fields on organizer forms?

Can I prevent zip numbers from printing on my organizer forms?

Can I print a customized 1040 organizer cover letter for all my clients?

Assembling, transmitting, and retrieving email and web organizers

When can I begin transmitting and retrieving 1040 web organizers?

Why don't the Notes to Preparer print with the organizer once the data has been retrieved and accepted?

Why did I get an email saying the storage was exceeded?

Why doesn't the preview of my email client organizer show all the items it contains?

How can I send an email client organizer to both a taxpayer and their spouse at the same time?

Can I blind copy (BCC) my firm or staff on web organizer email notifications?

How do I print the Client Notes after importing my client's web organizer data?

What will happen if I send a web organizer to the same client more than once?

Can I prevent my clients from submitting their web organizers more than once?

Can my clients insert additional forms in their web organizers?

Can I send a batch of email PDF organizers to several clients at once?

Can I delete a client's web organizer from within NetClient CS?

How secure are PDFs sent via email from UltraTax/1040 Organizer?

What do I do if I receive a notification that my client's web organizer is completed, but no organizer is retrieved?

Can I create a list of all my clients' organizer delivery settings?

When are transmitted web organizer removed from my clients' NetClient CS portals?

Can I complete web organizers in prior years?

Organizer greetings, actionable items, and engagement letters

How do I include a document in the organizer action items PDF?

Why is my organizer greeting incorrectly formatted in the email to the client?

How do I transmit an engagement letter to the client's NetClient CS portal?

How can I prevent the organizer engagement letter from printing?

Can I insert custom paragraphs into organizer documents?

Can I print the organizer engagement letter for all clients at once?


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